Our menu

At our hotel, sustainability is of great importance, and you can see that reflected in our kitchen. We prioritize sourcing our ingredients from local farmers as much as possible, so we can provide our guests with fresh and flavorful dishes.

Furthermore, our menu changes daily, depending on what is available from the local farmers in the area. Whether you are a meat-eater, vegetarian, or vegan, you will always find something on the menu that suits you.

We also take allergies into consideration, so that everyone can enjoy delicious food at our place.


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Our products come from, among others

  • Our products come from, among others:

    • Biohof Heinrichbauer from Liesertal (including various cheeses)
    • Volgo Hössl from Liesertal (including organic eggs, liqueur, schnapps)
    • Volgo Kronegg from Malta (including pork, chicken, fish)
    • Volgo Paulibauer from Maltaberg (including beef, pork, lamb)
    • Prunnerhof from Gmünd (including eggs and potatoes)
  • Our products also come from:

    • Volgo Probs from Maltadal (including pork, beef, and lamb)
    • Fischzucht Malta from Maltadal (various types of fish)
    • Hof Sima from Malta (goat cheese)
    • Strasser (Carinthian bee honey)
    • Wegscheiderhof from Maltaberg (butter, quark, yogurt)