Winter sports

winter sports for everybody

Want an unforgettable winter holiday?

Then be sure to visit the beautiful Malta Valley, where winter sports enthusiasts can indulge themselves on the slopes of nearby ski resorts. But there is more than just skiing! Put on your hiking boots and explore the breathtaking winter mountains on foot, or venture into ice climbing in the “valley of falling waters”. And as icing on the cake, breathe in the fresh mountain air and leave the daily worries behind for a while. Unwind and enjoy the beauty of winter in the Malta Valley.


Swinging down the slopes on a board or two, a winter holiday is twice the fun. So the good news first: just a stone’s throw from the Malta Valley, winter sports enthusiasts will find ski resorts that guarantee fun on the slopes.

Ice climbing

For (ice) climbers who do not want to miss out on their beloved climbing sport during winter, the Malta Valley is the best place. Known to every ice climber, the “valley of falling waters” is especially renowned for its versatility. With numerous hotspots for ice climbing, the versatile falls have something for both professionals and beginners, with the possibility of being introduced to ice climbing by an expert.

Ski tours for every level

Hit the trails in the Malta Valley

With cool mountain air on your face and crunching snow under your skis, make new tracks in the pristine ‘white carpet’ and experience pure relaxation on an unforgettable ski tour in the Malta Valley.

Winter and snowshoeing

In winter, the hiking fun does not stop in the Maltese Valley. With extra layers of warm clothes and sturdy snowshoes, you can explore the fairytale winter landscape, take leisurely walks, discover the pristine nature or let an experienced guide lead you through the mountains.

Step through the unique landscape and make a stop to build a snowman together. Or go one (snowshoeing) step further and let an experienced guide show you the mountains. Either way, enjoy the silence, breathe in the soothing mountain air and wander away from everyday life.


Start at 1700m on Carinthia’s longest toboggan run. For 8 km you glide down on a forest road through the woods and past beautiful vistas.

Let the shuttle take you back to the starting point, enjoy a drink and a snack there and just do it all again!

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