Family holiday


The Malta Valley is the ideal place for holidays with children. Numerous possibilities for a full-day programme guarantee relaxation for parents and shining children’s eyes.



A fluffy experience for the whole family!

On the large adventure meadow with playground in the Maltatal donkey park, unforgettable experiences await the whole family. And if you want to get a little closer to the friendly fellows, you can brush them and get to know them on the grounds.


This is how beautifully the Fallbach creek plunges into the valley. It is one of the landmarks of the Maltatal. And thus rightly one of the most popular sights of the region.

At its feet lies the Water Adventure Park, a natural playground that has been lovingly placed exactly where the forces of the Malta Valley can best be felt. A climbing garden, tree house slide and water labyrinth entertain the youngest while parents enjoy the view.


Located 1933 m above sea level, the Kölnbrein dam is an impressive masterpiece of Austrian engineering.

On the 14.4 km Malta Hochalmstrße drive past the many waterfalls that dot the Malta Valley to Austria’s highest dam. For car and motorbike riders enjoy the challenging route, but safety measures have been taken, such as traffic lights at the narrowest points and a car park at the end of the road for easy access to other attractions, including the aerial bridge at the dam.


Whether you want to swim outdoors or indoors, there are many options

Whether you go for a swim at the local campsite or seek out the coolness of the River Malta, you won’t have to go far for swimming water. But if the weather is a bit off and you still want to go swimming, the Drautalperle offers a great alternative! Or go enjoy the thermal baths in Villach or Bad Kleinkirchheim.

ANd much more....

But don’t skip all the other possible activities either, there is so much to do in and around the Malta Valley, for all ages.

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