"Die Garage"

In the former motor garage, there’s a cozy decorated bar. Beneath the cellar vault, but with the atmospheric walls that give a mountain hut feeling, it’s a convivial place in the evenings. Enjoying a beer at the bar or at one of the tables is delightful. In “Die Garage,” it’s all about enjoyment.


Our hotel bar offers a relaxed and cozy atmosphere to enjoy your favorite drink.


From coffee and tea to alcoholic beverages, our extensive selection ensures there's something for everyone. For instance, you can indulge in our wide range of Single malt whiskies or locally brewed schnapps.


Besides our hotel bar, "Die Garage" is also a beloved spot for local guests to meet friends and acquaintances.

"Would you come and relax with us?"

We warmly welcome you to our cozy hotel bar “Die Garage”.