Skiing and snowboarding

Swinging down the slopes on a board or two boards, a winter holiday is twice the fun. So the good news first:only a stone’s throw from the Maltatal, winter sports enthusiasts will find ski areas that guarantee fun on the slopes.

Katschberg, Innerkrems or Golddeck; there is a ski resort for everyone or visit them all. The free skibus takes you to the slopes so you wont need your car all holliday.

Ski tours for every level

Get started in the Maltatal

With cool mountain air on your face and crackling snow under your skis, you can leave new tracks in the pristine “white carpet”. It is obvious; this is what pure relaxation looks like on a winter holiday.

Is that how you see it? Then look forward to an unforgettable ski tour in the Malta Valley. Around the “Tauernkönigin”, the Hochalmspitze, there are tours for every level and every descent .

Ice climbing

If you don’t want to miss out on your beloved climbing sport even in winter, the Maltatal is the best place to come. Because there are tons of ice climbing hot spots that will make your fingertips tingle when you arrive.

The “valley of the falling waters” is known to every ice climber and is best known for its versatility. Most of the waterfalls are easily accessible and protected from avalanches in normal snow conditions. P rofessionals get their money’s worth here, as do climbers on the ice for the first time.

On request, the Maltatal also offers the possibility to be introduced to the world of ice climbing by an expert.

Most of the ice traps are on private land, mainly used for hunting and forestry. In order to prevent conflicts between ice climbers and landowners or hunters and to safeguard the interests of both groups in the future, we ask all guests to adhere to a number of agreements / rules. Only in this way can we guarantee that we will continue to work together for forest, hunting, agriculture and tourism in the future.

Winter and snowshoe hikes

Explore the wintry mountains on foot.
Even in winter, hiking fun does not stop in the Malta Valley. The only difference with the summer is the equipment. In the cold season you need a few extra layers of warm clothing and – if you want – sturdy snowshoes.

Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll through the fairytale winter landscape of the Maltatal, or discover unspoiled nature away from the groomed paths – in the Maltatal there are many opportunities for “walkable” pastimes.

Step through the unique landscape and make a stop to build a snowman together. Or go a (snowshoe) step further and let an experienced guide show you the mountains. Either way: enjoy the silence, breathe in the soothing mountain air and simply wander away from everyday life.