Real hikers have their wishes. It makes us all the more proud in the Malta Valleyl that many consider the region one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Austria. . And that is no coincidence.

Numerous well-marked hiking trails await nature lovers in the Malta Valley. Crystal-clear mountain lakes, a diverse flora and the wonderfully fresh mountain air. From family-friendly adventure hikes to challenging mountain tours to elevated trails with great views and educational themed hiking trails. And in between: a well-deserved rest in one of the countless rustic huts


Discover the vastness of the Malta Valley on two wheels. Winding roads. Pure idyll left and right. Every now and then a waterfall beeps around the corner. And the best comes at the (valley) end: the Malta Hochalmstraße, which leads to the Kölnbreinsperre, makes every motorcyclist’s heart beat faster. The Malta Valley manages to evoke this feeling of freedom, so typical of motorcycling, in its guests.


But also cycling, climbing, canyoning, fishing, archery, running and much more! Everyone looking for an active holiday will find what they are looking for in the Malta Valley …